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Keeping up with Cabito; from Costa Maya to Cleveland

So this is a story, all about how, Cabito's life got flipped turned upside down...

(sorry, we couldn't help ourselves!)

Cabito has been with our friends at Costa Maya Beach Dog Rescue since January (when he became and "official" member.... they've actually been helping out since April of 2018!), where they have been taking excellent care of him and trying to get him all fixed up.

Costa Maya Beach Dog Rescue took him in when it became apparent that his issues were too much for his family to care for. He had been treated repeatedly for Ehrlichia, as well as his skin issues, to no avail.

Unfortunately, his skin issues are relentless, despite the long laundry list of treatments he has received, it seems to only be getting worse :( Now it's our turn to take a stab at helping him get back that beautiful coat he had as a young pup!

What we thought we were taking on as a nasty skin issue, has turned into almost losing Cabito and a lengthy ER Clinic stay... 

Follow Cabito's journey and get all the latest updates and pictures here:


Keeping up with Cabito; from Costa Maya to Cleveland

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