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Adoption Process Explained

Each potential adopter must first fill out an Adoption Application; this can be done online or with a paper application.  We will not schedule any meet-and-greets without an adoption application on file first. ​

A RHAR representative will review the application; our applications are set up in such a way to make it easy to recognize potential red-flags. If we have any questions about certain responses on the application, we will contact the applicant (generally, by email) to clarify.  References will be checked; the most important reference on the application is the veterinary reference. 

If the application checks out, we will schedule a meet-and-greet. This can be done at the applicants home (then a separate home-visit would not need to be done), at a local park, Tractor Supply/Pet Store, at the fosters home; wherever is most comfortable for everyone.  If the applicant has other dogs, it is best to meet on neutral territory; if doing the meet at their home, have them meet you with away from their house with their existing dog(s) and go for a short walk together to see how they interact. If all goes well, you can move to the yard, and then the house.  In some instances, it may take multiple meets between dogs to see if it is a good fit. 

If the home visit has not been conducted with the meet-and-greet, this will also need to be done. Usually, we will take the dog with us to see how they feel about their potential forever home. Take a look around; is there anything sketchy? Dangerous? Does that panel in the fence need fixed? This is the time to point out anything that may be hazardous, as well as allow the potential family to ask any more questions they may have thought of. 

If they've made it this far, and most importantly, you feel comfortable, now is the time to proceed with the adoption.  Each adopter can choose to select the "two week trial adoption" at this time; the adoption is completed in full, however if it is not a good fit for any reason, the adoption fee is refundable within the two week period as long as the animal is returned in good condition. It is not mandatory that the adopter do the two week trial; we will always try to accommodate our animals in the event that they need to come back. 

Adoption fees are payable by check, cash, or PayPal (3% fee additional). 

Adoption fees range from $150 - $350, depending on the animal and their needs. Occasionally, adoption fees may be waived or sponsored, however the entire adoption process still applies. 

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