Ruff House Animal Rescue is looking to add YOU to our team!  Please fill out a Volunteer Application so we can start working together soon!

We believe it takes a dedicated and passionate team to make a difference.  We pride ourselves in not only being team players, but in being a "rescue family".  We try to make ourselves as accessible as possible to both the public AND our volunteers; as the founders of Ruff House Animal Rescue, we strive to lead by example.  We are there for our volunteers for anything that they need.  

We believe that it is fundamental to be as open to our volunteers as we can be; we also believe that our foster's are the animals (and our) best asset for successfully placing animals into permanent adoptive homes.  We encourage our volunteers to be as involved as they want to be in the entire rescue process. 

No matter your skill set, there is some way that you can get involved and make a difference! 

  • Networking; we need people to network the rescue and the animals. Networkers put the word out to try and get animals saved and into foster homes. 
  • Foster homes; fostering is one of the most important ways a person/family can help out.  Without fosters, we have no place for the animals to go - and the more fosters, the more we can take in!  Best of all, fostering doesn't cost you anything! 
  • Blog writer; we would love to have a blog series with articles regarding subjects such as proper animal introductions, what to expect when adopting an animal, training tips, dog body language, etc. We're not looking for a professional, just someone who loves to write and help inform others. 
  • Meet-and-greet host and home-checks; this is someone who helps to conduct meet-and-greets between potential adopters (and their animals) and the animals they are interested in.  If you have never done a m&g before, we will provide training on how to properly introduce animals as well as what to look for during a m&g.  Home-checks are essential to know what type of environment the animals will be going to; sometimes home-checks and meet-and-greets are done at the same time. 
  • Animal training; sometimes dogs do not come into rescue with the best manners, likely because they were never taught.  We are in need of people to assist in basic obedience training in order to help provide them with the best chances of success with their new forever families. 
  • Event planning and fundraising; events and fundraising are a rescues best way to gain exposure for the animals, as well as donations to keep moving forward.  We need dedicated people to help plan and execute both in order to keep funding the animals that come into the program. 
  • Transporters; we need help getting animals to and from vet appointments, meet-and-greets, to fosters and adopters, and events.

Our volunteers are part of our family!  We welcome and encourage our volunteers to share their input and ideas with the group; looking at things from different perspectives helps us to constantly evolve and grow!

Join our Team